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This website serves as a starting point for finding high-quality data on the Internet.

It has links to hundreds of data centers, national statistical offices, international organi-zations, government agencies, university departments, intelligence organizations, data archives and think tanks that collect, store, distribute or analyze (statistical) data of various kinds.

In particular, the site provides links to demographic, social, political, cultural and economic indicators, environmental data sets, and almost 70 indexes and country rankings on a wide range of topics. The data either refer to the global level or are available for all countries of the world, so that cross-country analyses are possible. There are also links to special data sources for a small selection of large cities.

All data-generating processes are taken into account - including statistical data from censuses and surveys, population registers, vital statistics, economic and environmental monitoring, as well as data generated by automatic recording systems.

Also, links are included to first-rate newspapers and media outlets, as well as search en-gines and web tools. Finally, there are links to data visualization tools and graphs.

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